Sep. 20, 2018

True Crime Streets Of LA Full Movie Torrent

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Loose cannon cop Nick Kang, suspended from the LAPD, becomes part of an elite police unit and defends the City of Angels from a plot involving the Chinese Triad and the Russian mob.

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original title: True Crime: Streets of LA

genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Crime,Thriller

imdb: 7.1

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Loose cannon cop Nick Kang, suspended from the LAPD, becomes part of an elite police unit and defends the City of Angels from a plot involving the Chinese Triad and the Russian mob. Nick Kang was an LAPD homicide detective, up until his indefinite suspension due to his "loose-cannon" style and multiple uses of excessive force and property damage. However, his old Chief has brought him back and offered him a job with the EOD (Elite Operations Division), a recently-founded special unit which has jurisdiction over all of Los Angeles. Now as the EOD's first field agent, Nick can use the same over-the-top methods that got him suspended in the first place to take on the City of Angels' toughest criminals. In a wide, branching storyline, he'll have to stop powerful Russian and Chinese crime syndicates by driving, fighting and shooting his way through the streets of LA. It was just a matter of time before games will start do adopt a game play and experience from legendary GTA III. First in the line of GTA clones was True Crime: Streets of LA, somehow fun but mostly very boring and unoriginal game which is in some way better than GTA III (the graphics), but it suck in almost everything else. Okay, the games is basically like playing GTA III but with more boring missions, annoying characters, cliché story and terrible voice acting.

In this game you're playing as Nick Kang Wilson, a Chinese - American detective and this is the first problem with the game. The main character is annoying as hell, the developers were trying to make him a funny guy, but his lines and dialogs are just plain stupid and forced with really amateur toilet humor.

In the game you're playing as a cop and you're put into a really big replica of Los Angeles. The whole game is consisted of two parts: the storyline missions and side missions; both are boring. In storyline missions you're just watching a cut scene driving to the warehouse, shoot or/and kick a lot of bad guys, then another cut scene, another driving to another warehouse or nightclub and another shoot out with bad guys. From the beginning is fun, but after a while it becomes everything very boring. In side missions you have to reduce the crime in the city and these missions are also very boring; in most of them you're just chasing someone on foot or in car and that's it. And the missions are very unoriginal and sometimes don't make a lot of sense (there is one mission where you have to fight with zombies - does this make any sense in the game, where you are playing a cop, who is after a lot of gangs and bad guys???). It feels like the developers just put together a lot of bad ideas and mixed them together with no sense whatsoever.

The graphics are great and the car controls are also good, maybe even better than in GTA.The map of the city is large and also you have a feeling that the replica of the LA is quite good. The weapons in the game are fun to use and the music is also great.

TC:Streets of LA is overall very unoriginal and sometimes just stupid game, which is fun for a while and it's got some good points, but there are just too many bad points to fully enjoy in this game. Just played "True Crime" and even though its most obvious inspiration from a gaming point of view is the ever popular "Grand Theft Auto" series. From a movie point of view, this action title seems to be a throwback to those wildly absurd, but oh so entertaining martial-arts thrillers from the 1990's.

Like Dirty Harry, the lead character, Nick Kang, voiced by Russell Wong ("Romeo Must Die") is a cop who doesn't play by the rules. He was raised in Japan, where he and his younger brother learned the martial-arts. His father, also cop from LA, was killed in the line of duty under mysterious circumstances. The police department still wonders, was he a dirty cop?

With a little help of his unwanted new partner, voiced by Michelle Rodriguez, and an old timer who knew his dad, voiced by Christopher Walken (where have he heard this before), Nick is determined to solve the mystery and avenge his father's death. But in order to this, he must survive both the Triads and Russian mob, who seem to up to something fishy in the streets of LA.

Unfortunately, midway through, the story pulls a 180 and starts to involve the supernatural that's right out of "Big Trouble in Little China". It doesn't mix with the rest of the story and seems a bit contrived. Still, as a gaming expierence, I enjoyed this title, although it's a bit brief. It involves a little bit of everything action-oriented, although it doesn't tower over the competition in any of the genre it delves in

Wong's cliched cop reminded me of the Brandon Lee character from "Showdown in Little Tokyo" and the areas in which build up your fighting skills in various dojos seemed right out of Jeff Speakman's "The Perfect Weapon". I loved the fight sequences in this game, more so than the "Max Payne"-esque shooting segments, which are also fun. Dozens of firearms and melee weapons are up for the taking and the indoor enviroments are fully destructable.

The "drive anywhere, doing anything" aspect from "Grand Theft Auto" is a bit limited, but is entertaining. You can play as good cop or bad cop, though I wish there was more variety to the random crime acts that occur. Also, the "choose your own adventure" branching storylines is welcomed and I also liked the soundtrack, which was appropriate, given that LA is a mecca of hip hop culture.

Still, as a whole, the game isn't up to the standard of Rockstar's "Max Payne" and "Grand Theft Auto" franchises. Few games are, but I felt this game was too short and the Chinese ghost story twist in the middle, was, well it was bad. But, its a hit with American gamers and I can see why, since I am one. I do hope the sequel is better and more worthy of a purchase. As far as this title goes, I think you should rent it before you buy.

I'd give it two and a half stars out of four. Not bad, but not really good, it's just fun.


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